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Fully qualified with over 20 years experience in residential building from concept to completion.
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Residential and Commercial Building Inspections

Reports Available Within 24hrs of Inspection

Easy to understand building reports with a simple rating system and commenting to ensure you get the right information you can understand.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our primary service.  Get the right information about the house before you buy your next home.

Stage Building Inspections

Get your build audited by an independent building inspector and make sure mistakes aren’t hidden.

Pre Handover Inspections

Chasing building defects after a handover can be hard work for both parties involved. Having a Pre handover inspection can eliminate all the issues before you move in to your new home.

Land Inspections Pre Build/Purchase

Got plans and dreams for your new home or development.  Make sure there are no future obstacles or limitations standing in your way.

Put Your Trust In Us

Accountants have auditors who are paid to audit their work and ensure it is accurate. For a minimal cost, why not make sure your home build is being done properly?

Over 20 years experience

Building experience from concept straight through to completion. We understand where corners get cut and we make sure you know what’s happened.

Recommendations and Advice

We don’t just identify the problems, we give you possible solutions to overcome the challenge in place to help move things forward.

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